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Fabulous appeal of Prefabricated building system is not only  because of their aesthetic nature but for their Environment-Friendly and Technological efficiencies generated by highly professional team having experience of more than 35 years in the field of PRE-FAB & PEB. These buildings get you operational immediately.

Pre-fab portable & non-portable buildings are structurally designed & factory engineered to match for permanent standard. These houses incorporates various structural parameters such as wind velocity, snow load, cyclone, seismic forces, dead load and live load etc. and building is insulated to control the  heat gain/loss depending upon temperature gradient.  These buildings can be made in single-storey, double-storey, multiple-storey and on roof top.

Steel super structure of Prefabricated & Pre-engineered   buildings consists of columns, trusses, purling, bracings etc. and designed to withstand all stress, strain and loads of the building and assembled at site to install with anchor bolt and fastener embedded in light foundation, all this imparts to structural integrity.

Prefabricated buildings can be easily redesigned to suit changing needs, whether it be the addition or a new room or moving a window or door.

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The CONCEPT of Pre – Fab houses is rapid construction, quick – build technology is vogue abroad and has been developed by our techno- commercial experts and experienced professionals and manufacturing in Bangalore. These houses are suitable to Indian environment, culture and ethos. Pre – Fab is outcome of architectural elements giving the building an outstanding appealing facade that will last lifetime and thereby the concept is confidently proceeding towards 21st century in its quest for success and excellence.

Green House Concept

The concept of Pre – Fab houses were created for an immediate needs in a variety of accommodation ranging from low cost, medium cost and high cost houses ready to assembly instantly, having virtue of custom made, light, sturdy, durable, resistant against forces of nature, easy build, long lasting and adoptable on any terrain. Designed to withstand all stress, strain and loads which imparts to structural integrity. No hassle and expense of mason, painter, carpenter and even escapes the mess of cement, concrete and bricks.

These houses are futuristic style of accommodations having high aesthetic value and negligible maintenance.

Pre-Fab houses can be dismantled and reinstalled, without any damages and losses as compared to the houses made of concrete, PVC panel or M.S sheets, etc.




  • Greatest impact of  PRE – FAB can be felt in handling of spaces
  • Saving of space (Valuable Land) by reducing the cost of build – up area (Living Space) compared to conventional buildings.
  • Environmental, Eco-Friendly, Re-locatable, Instant and Easy to build.
  • Designed to withstand all stress, strain and loads which imparts to structural integrity.
  • Quick – Build, Ready to assemble and can be installed in very short time, saving substantial time and money compared to conventional construction over head expenses.
  • Adequate natural lighting and well ventilated thus,  hygienic.
  • Sleek, light, sturdy, life time durability and safe due to wall cladding on cold-rolled MS/GI  sections and profiles with High Density Fibre reinforced cement Board/Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP)/Banboo composite panels as required.
  • No hassle and expenses of mason, painter, carpenter and even escapes the mess of cement, concrete and bricks.
  • Resistant against the forces of nature like water, fire, moisture, earthquake and is termite proof, unlike wooden houses, hollow bricks houses, RCC construction houses and metallic houses.
  • Suitable for all kind of environment, culture and ethos due to versatile designing and assembly techniques which also facilitate a system of multiplying or dividing rooms and floors, if so desired, any time.
  • These are futuristic style of accommodations  having high aesthetic value negligible maintenance and rapid construction.